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Activating the Automation Server

The Automation Server is not automatically activated in a ProfDia installation because using this function can be dangerous if it is used without proper knowledge about the functionality and the necessary precautions for save usage. Before activating the function the system should be completely configured and tested in manual operation. Then the customer should be informed about the functionality of the Automation Server option and the necessary precaution for save operation in compliance with the appropriate safety regulations in the target country (See details in chapter 7 in the ProfDia manual).

To activate the option the following steps have to be carried out:

  1. Create a shortcut for the program on the PC desktop (or in the ProfDia program folder on the desktop)
    1. Open a windows explorer window and search for the file "Prdncsrv.exe" in the folder C:\ProfDia respective C:\ProfDiaF
    2. Select this file with the right mouse button and choose the menu point "Create shortcut" from the appearing context menu
    3. Select the created shortcut (after selecting the menu point the created shortcut appears in the same folder) with the right mouse button and select "Cut" in the appearing context menu.
    4. Click in free space on the desktop (or in the ProfDia program folder) pressing the right mouse button and choose "Paste" in the appearing context menu
  2. Double click the created shortcut to start the Automation Server program
  3. During program start the Automation Server displays a warning message. Make sure the machine is ready for automated operation and then confirm the message.
  4. To start a program in automated operation follow these steps:
    1. Clamp the tool in the correct angular position on the machine (in the same way as for manual operation)
    2. Specify the correct length information for the clamped tool in the ProfDia main window (in the same way as for manual operation)
    3. Copy the access key for the associated ProfDia program out of the column "Drawing number" in the ProfDia Database (using key function "CTRL C")
    4. Paste the access key in the input field behind the button "Start this project" in the Automation Server window (using key function "CTRL V")
    5. Press the button "Start this project"