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ProfDia/F Networkconnection and generating ProfDia/F license

For using ProfDia/F, your PC must be connected to your machine via network. You have to generate a network license for every machine.

These following steps show you how to do that:

  1. Ensure that your programming pc is connected to you machine.
  2. The programming PC and the machine must have IP adresses from the same subnet(e.g. PC-Adress:; Machine adress:
  3. Start the program DNC network. This program can be found inside the ProfDia folder on your desktop.
  4. In the main window select Settings / Einstellungen (A)
  5. Enter the IP adredd of your connected machine. (B)
  6. Click the button Check network connection / Prüfe Netzwerkverbindung (C)
  7. If the machine can be accessed, the hardware adress of the machine is shown and the button Create ProfDia license file / ProfDia Lizenz erzeugen pops up.
  8. Click the button Create ProfDia license file / ProfDia Lizenz erzeugen (D) and und confirm the pop-up dialog.
  9. The following confirmation must pop up.
  10. The License file PD_LCO.txt is in the folder C:\ProfDia. Do a backup of this file! Save this on a save drive. You only can generate the license once for your delivered Cm stick.